The manufacturer's warranty applies to all products sold by ESCAN. Under the limitations of that warranty, all individual parts sold by ESCAN have a warranty against manufacturing defects for a period of one year unless otherwise specified. If the manufacturer's warranty for specific parts is greater than on year, the warranty will be honored by the specific manufacturer beyond the one year ESCAN warranty period. Under the same limitations, all new systems built by ESCAN have a warranty on parts and labor for a period of one year unless otherwise specified. This warranty covers only the systems built by ESCAN. Any modifications or upgrades not performed ESCAN technicians will void the warranty on the whole system. This warranty does not apply to network installations.


An RMA (Return Material Authorization) number is required for any merchandise to be returned to ESCAN. Valid RMA numbers are issued only by the Customer Service Department technical staff. RMA merchandise may be carried in or shipped in to ESCAN. To receive an RMA number, you must provide the following information:

-Unaltered copy of your ESCAN Invoice

-Unaltered copy of the Serial Number Sheet (if applicable)

-Specific nature of the problem with the product(s)


When you choose to ship in defective merchandise, you must include copies of the above information and have the RMA number clearly displayed on the shipping label of all returned products. The RMA number must be printed on the label. DO NOT MARK ON OR DEFACE THE MANUFACTURER'S BOX. Shipments not displaying a valid RMA number will not be accepted. It is advisable to pack the original in an outer carton to avoid being charged for a damaged box. Returned goods must be shipped freight and insurance prepaid. Shipments received with freight charges due will be refused. In all cases returned merchandise must be packed in original cartons with all manuals, cables, hardware and accessories. This specifically applies to products sold under "evaluation" terms. If all materials are not returned, ESCAN will assess a charge of at least 15% of the purchase price for missing or damaged items. Ship in returns may take from two (2) to four (4) weeks to turnaround under normal conditions. ESCAN will ship the return product back using the same or equivalent shipping method as the customer. If the customer must return more than eight (8) items at a time, each item must be tagged with the following information:

-Detailed Description of Problem

-Invoice Number, Date & Product Serial Number

-Items that do not comply with the above procedure will be assessed a handling charge on an item by item basis.

RMA Return Address:
Escan Technologies Corp.
RMA #_______________


Customers who carry in their return merchandise must bring their original invoice and serial number sheet for each item they wish to return.

An RMA number may be optionally provided in advance over the telephone to help expedite the RMA process. Otherwise the RMA will be processed when the customer arrives.

Please fill out the RMA Request Form prior to requestng an RMA #:


-RMA's WILL NOT be issued for items with apparent failure due to software incompatibilities.

-RMA's WILL NOT be issued for reasons not covered by ESCAN warranty conditions.

-RMA's WILL NOT be issued for products which must be serviced at a manufacturer's authorized service center or returned directly to the manufacturer for replacement or repair.

-RMA's WILL NOT be issued for open software packages.

-RMA's WILL NOT be issued for RAM chips, BIOS chips or any other form of memory modules.

-RMA's cannot be issued for equipment with "intermittent" failures until those failures can be reproduced by ESCAN technical staff.

-ESCAN reserves the right to fully test defective merchandise in order to duplicate the reported failure.

-RMA's will not be issued for the return of plastic card hardware (i.e. magstripe reader/writers, portable magstripe readers…) for credit or refund purposes.

-An unclaimed RMA will expire after 15 days of the RMA date.

-There is a $12.00 fee per invoice if ESCAN has to search customer files to find the corresponding paperwork.


Refunds may be issued for items returned to ESCAN within 5 days from the invoice date provided that the items are unopened and in factory saleable condition. Labor, shipping, and handling charges are not refundable.

NOTE: Since we do not sell used products, we are not able to accept merchandise that has been opened /used.

(i.e., magstripe reader/writers, embossers, tippers, plastic card printers, portable magstripe readers... and any plastic card related product).


Credits may be issued for items returned to ESCAN within 5 days from the invoice date provided that the items are unopened and in factory saleable condition. Labor, shipping, and handling charges are not refundable.

NOTE: Since we do not sell used products, we are not able to accept merchandise that has been opened /used.





When a product becomes defective within the warranty period, we will assist in arranging for its repair, or we will replace the product with new or refurbished product of the same type or equivalent at our discretion. Replacement parts will be warranted from the date of the original invoice or 30 days from the RMA date, whichever is greater.

Some merchandise must be serviced only at the manufacturer's authorized service centers, or returned directly to the manufacturer for repair or replacement, and will not be exchanged at ESCAN unless we receive authorization from the manufacturer. Please contact ESCAN Customer Service Department for further information. Please notice that most manufacturers will charge a fee if no failure is found with the returned product.


Only the manufacturer's warranty applies to software. Open packages of software may not be returned to ESCAN for refund, credit or exchange unless authorized by the software vendor. Please be sure that you have checked the package and verified what you have received is the correct type and version before opening. Read the software licensing agreement before using. We WILL NOT be responsible for wrong shipments once the package has been opened.


ESCAN has made a firm commitment to our customers to provide unparalleled service and support. Our highly specialized support team is standing by to help resolve your technical problems. Our technicians require our customers to identify themselves by providing either their original invoice or account number. The same applies to phone-in technical support.. The ESCAN Customer Service Department can be reached by calling: Riverside, CA (951) 270-0043 8:00am - 3:00pm PST. Technical problems can also be reported via email techsupport@e-scan.com.


The warranty period on special order items may be different than the usual one year warranty. Also some suppliers require that the product be returned to the factory for repair. In these instances the warranty procedures will be modified on a case by case basis. Special orders are NOT eligible for refunds or credit. Special orders also require partial or full prepayment before the order is placed with the manufacturer.


Unauthorized repair or modification of products, other than adjustments specified in the product manual, or written instructions from the manufacturer or ESCAN technical staff will void both ESCAN and the manufacturer's warranty. This includes soldering or cutting traces on boards, opening of hard drives, or performing internal adjustments on monitors. The removal of the product serial number will also void the product warranty. Customer abuse including inadequately packing products for shipment will void all warranties.


ESCAN disclaims all liability for, and customer specifically waives all rights to any special, incidental or consequential damages, including any damages to property or any damages resulting from loss of data, profit, or goodwill, which customers might suffer directly or indirectly as a result of any breach of any warranty, representation or covenant by ESCAN, the manufacturer, or ESCAN's suppliers. ESCAN is not responsible for the integrity of data on storage devices (hard disk drives, tape drives, floppy diskettes, etc.). WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND that our customers back their data up before bringing systems in for diagnosis or repair. The contents of this document supersede all other previously published documents by ESCAN, and ESCAN polices are subject to change without prior notice.

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