Advanced Performance Keyboard

List Price $389



Standard Features

Compact, 104 Keys (Microsoft Windows)

43 Programmable Keys

Integrated Magnetic Stripe Reader

Optional Features

24 Relegendable Keycaps

Integrated Barcode Decoder

RS232 Port

Multiple Languages Available

Keyswitch Technology

FTSC Full Travel Sealed Contacts; Keymodules mounted on a metal plate with membrane contacts

Life expectancy 50 million actuations


15.9" L x 8.7" W x 2" H


LED Legends
   Number Lock
   Caps Lock
   Scroll Lock


Laser Printed

Optional 24 Relegendable Keycaps

Interface Cable

6-foot coiled

AT or PS/2 interface

RS232 Port

9-pin located rear right, supports ASCII input

Uni-directional communication

Barcode Decoder

Dual interfaces, 6-pin circular (right side) and 9-pin SUB D (right rear)

Both ports may be operational simultaneously

Automatically differentiates between wand and laser emulation

Communicates via the keyboard interface

Programmable headers and terminators

Magnetic Stripe Reader

Reads up to 3 tracks simultaneously

Reads any ISO 7812-compliant magnetic stripe card

Communicates via keyboard interface

Programmable headers and terminators


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