CIM-4000 Series features magnetic/IC card issuing machines capable of issuing up to three ISO track magnetic or 8-pin IC cards by transmitting/receiving data through RS232C interface. The Series is equipped with an available function to capture inserted cards when the end user fails to retrieve them or when there occurs an error during its standard decoding/encoding operation.


· Robust body structure to meet industrial standard
· Transmission of card empty signal to the main controller after issuing the last card.
· Card capture function
· Report of the remaining cards to the main controller


· Card standard: Thickness 0.2~0.8 mm PVC card

· Power Consumption: Dimensions: Refer to the enclosed mechanical drawing

· Dimensions (mm): 66.5(H) x 96.5(W) x 19.50(D)

· Weight: About 3kg

Environmental Requirements:

· Power Supply: DC 24V ±10%

· Current Consumption: 0.1A in Stand-by, 2.5A in Operation

· Card Feeding Out Speed: About 3 Sec after receipt of Card Feeding Out Signal

· Card Capture Speed: About 2 Sec after receipt of Card Capturing Signal

· Card Stacking Capability: 100 pcs(In case of 0.76 mm card)

· Card Capturing Capability: 25 ±2pcs(In case of 0.76 mm card)

· Card Remaining Detection: 10~50 pcs ±2pcs(Adjustable/In case of 0.76mm)




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