Star DP8340 Series
Dot Matrix Printers

The DP8340 Series are housed dot matrix impact printers designed for heavy duty applications requiring maximum reliability at a competitive price. Each model is packaged as a printer module and separate power supply module in order to take up a minimum of counter space and make it an ideal printer for mobile applications.

The included cash drawer driver provides a large reduction in system cost as it allows for the use of simple non-intelligent cash drawers. Additional features include two color printing, one line validation, friction and sprocket versions and models to accommodate paper from 3.25" up to 4.5".


Print Method
Print Format
Print Speed
Serial Impact Dot Matrix
29, 40 or 44 Columns
2 Lines/Second
3.25" and 4.5" Roll Paper or 4.5" Sprocket
Serial or Parallel

List Prices:

DP8340FM Serial I/F $558
DP8340FC Parallel I/F $558
DP8340RM Serial I/F $558
DP8340RC Parallel I/F $558
DP8340SM Serial I/F $573
DP8340SC Parallel I/F $573

The following models are available in either serial or parallel:
DP8340FM/FC (40 Col/Friction)
DP8340SM/SC (40 Col/Sprocket)
DP8340RM/RC (29 or 44 Col/Friction)

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