ICVERIFY Credit Authorization Software

for credit cards, draft capture, check guarantee and ATM/Debit card autorization

Price $499.00

Whether used as a stand-alone software solution, or integrated with another application, ICVERIFY for Windows helps you handle all of your in-store, mail, telephone, and electronic transactions, in one easy-to-use program. ICVERIFY software can help you reduce data entry errors and problems during reconciliation, which could be a problem when dealing with multiple payment transaction types and multiple processors. ICVERIFY provides reporting to match the exact dates of your merchant statement - greatly reducing reconciliation time. When you use ICVERIFY for Windows you can save significantly in your setup and maintenance costs because multiple users can share one phone line and there are no hardware upgrades involved in the setup.

for Windows Grows
with Your Business
  • Since ICVERIFY supports a broad range of payment processing, you can easily accept new payment types as your business expands, without worrying about expensive and time consuming hardware upgrades.

  • For example, ICVERIFY for Windows can support multiple merchant numbers for professional offices, mail/telephone processors, electronic transactions *, business-to-business commerce using corporate purchase cards as well as traditional counter payments.

  • The multiple merchant support capability allows more than one merchant ID (MID) to be processed on one copy of software. Accepting corporate purchase cards or commercial cards is easy, because ICVERIFY has built-in support for Visa and MasterCard Level II data requirements.
Back Office and Information Management Just Got Easier

  • Forget about storing boxes and boxes of reports. With ICVERIFY for Windows you can use the storage capacity of your PC to archive up to nine years of transaction data for reporting and transaction tracking. This allows you to efficiently retrieve and analyze information in a few keystrokes, enabling you to manage your business better. Finally, you can respond quickly to customer information requests and easily reconcile your bank statement. Information is easier to control and manage because with ICVERIFY for Windows you can.

  • Bill customers without re-keying the information each time with the ICVERIFY customer database

  • Automate the process of charging subscription fees to the same customers for the same amount on a monthly or quarterly basis

  • Import credit card transaction data from other PC applications, such as spreadsheets or databases using the data import function
Superiority Over Stand-Alone Terminals and Proprietary Systems
  • ICVERIFY is much easier to use than the outdated proprietary systems or stand-alone authorization terminals because:

  • Easy integration with your POS applications reduces data entry errors and simplies the process of electronic payment acceptance.

  • Reports are generated in an easy-to-read
    8 1/2 x 11 format on a Windows printer,
    rather than 2-3 inch-wide reports supported
    on POS terminals.

  • Offline group mode allows you to submit a list of transactions at one time for authorization, which speeds up your processing time and excels at recurring billing, such as membership fees or monthly charges.

  • Support for Address Verification System (AVS), Retail AVS, CVV2 and CVC2 minimizes fraud due to stolen or fraudulent cards.

  • Electronic Commerce Indicator (ECI) flags allow you to process transactions received through Internet email.

  • It allows a network of POS registers to share a single modem, reducing the investment required to automate a store.

  • An improved data import analyzes files for errors before importing and generates a detailed report of any problems found in the file, making it easier to find and correct errors.

  • Customizable transaction tabs let you show just the transaction types you need and arrange the transaction tab order to better match the way you process transactions.
Supports a Wide Range of Business Needs, Industries and Cards
  • ICVERIFY for Windows offers an entire suite of solutions, from a single user license to a multi-user license, from stand-alone to networkable configurations and from single merchant to multiple merchant numbers (MID) support.

  • Whether your business is a day-care center, professional office, small business or general retail, ICVERIFY for Windows has the right solution for you.
Payment Types Supported

  • Credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Card, Diners Club, JCB)

  • Visa Commercial cards and purchasing cards

  • MasterCard business cards, corporate purchasing cards and corporate fleet cards

  • Debit/ATM cards (PIN and non-PIN based): varies by processor

  • Fleet cards (for petroleum applications)

  • Check authorization

  • Check guarantee

  • Support of the DUKPT debit encryption method for some debit card processing networks
  • Retail (card present)
  • Mail order/telephone order (MOTO)
  • Lodging
  • Restaurant
Hardware Rquirements
  • 1MB Ram for ICVerify application
  • 1.44MB Floppy Disk Drive or CD ROM
  • 5MB Hard Disk Space
  • 100% Hayes Compatible Modem

* Merchants processing electronic commerce transactions should ensure that they are following proper system security procedures (e.g. firewalls, encrypted files, etc.) It is recommended that you contact your system administrator or reseller for information.

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