Advanced Manual Swipe Magnetic Stripe Readers

List Price $199-350

(for IBM PC, XT, AT, PS/2, and Compatible Keyboard Interfaces)


  • Single, dual, or triple track versions allow for reading ANSI/ISO and AAMVA format magnetic cards including credit/debit cards and drivers licenses
  • Unique cable design works with both 5 pin DIN and 6 pin Mini- DIN keyboard interfaces
  • Card data is sent as keystrokes - no software changes are required
  • Superior keyboard wedge interface - NOVELL compatible - auto caps lock detection ensures that data always appears on the computer just as it is encoded on the card
  • Auto detection of the computer type (PC, XT, AT, PS/2, and compatible keyboard interfaces)
  • Full keyboard emulation allows using the reader without the keyboard



Send Numerics As Output Mode Serial Baud Rate

Serial Data Bits Serial Parity Serial Duplex

Serial Data Format Inverted Serial Output Serial Intercharacter Delay

Serial Caps Lock Serial Num Lock Wand Emulation Append Mode

Wand Emulation Max Segment Size Wand Emulation Segment Output Delay

Setup Mode Lockout

Track Output Order Field Output Order Expiration Date Format

Send 6 Bit Field Separator '^' As Send 4 Bit Field Separator '=' As

Send Track 3 Start Sentinel ';' As Send Track 3 Start Sentinel '%' As

Send Start & End Sentinels Send LRC Character

Send Hardware Control Characters No Read Output String

Account Number, Name, and Expiration Date Stripping: # Of Leading & Trailing Chars

Account Number, Name, and Expiration Date Preambles

Account Number, Name, and Expiration Date Postambles

No Read LED Delay

LED Power Save Mode



300,000 passes minimum


5V @ 70 milliamps MAX (setup mode), 60 milliamps MAX (active), and 25 milliamps MAX (standby)

Receives power from the computer's keyboard port


1 5/8" W x 11/16"H x 4"L

6' Y-cable assembly with unique adapter for 5 pin DIN and 6 pin Mini-DIN connections

Two Velcro strips included for easy mounting


0 - 60 C operating temperature

10 - 90% relative humidity (non-condensing)



FCC class A tested and verified

3 year parts and labor warranty (head wear is not warranted)


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