IntelliTrack Check In/Out
List Price $1,995

IntelliTrack Inventory Management Solutions

Percon's line of software-based products -- seven programs designed to manage data in different business environments.

Check In/Out


The IntelliTrack Check In/Out module provides a new, easy, and cost-effective solution for managing your tools and consumable stock. The IntelliTrack System uses the Microsoft Access 2.0 Windows database combined with state-of-the-art portable bar code readers configured with IntelliTrack software.

No programming is required with IntelliTrack's Access database. Microsoft Access gives you the flexibility to modify reports, produce graphs from the data, perform queries, and export the data to virtually any system.

IntelliTrack's ability to print and read bar codes provides the accuracy, speed, and ease of use necessary for improved inventory control. With the fully integrated IntelliTrack system, you can begin tracking your tools and inventory within minutes.


  • Check In/Out Materials & Equipment
  • Manage Consumable Stock
  • Take Physical Inventories


  • Document Tracking
  • Libraries
  • Stockrooms
  • Property & Equipment
  • Maintenance Parts
  • Central Stores


  • IntelliTrack is an easy to use Windows application.
  • Includes bar code reading and printing capability providing fast, error free data collection.
  • Developed with Access 2.0, allowing the user to make modifications easily. (Source code included!)
  • Provides everything you need to manage your inventory within minutes.
  • IntelliTrack offers the latest technology at an attractive price.


  • Quickly and easily track materials and equipment out on loan.
  • Integration - A wide variety of import and export file formats in Access allows easy integration with other systems.
  • Accuracy - bar code data collection virtually eliminates data input errors.
  • Speed - bar code data collection speeds up inventory process by 300% or more.


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