LS 4006i Laser Scanner
(includes PS2 keyboard interface cable) - List Price $805

An Entirely New Level of Performance, Comfort and Value in Retail and Commercial Bar Code Scanning

The New Benchmark in Hand-Held Laser Scanners: Nothing Else Measures Up to the LS 4000 Series

For superior bar code scanning performance and maximum user comfort at a highly attractive price, the LS 4000 Series from Symbol Technologies establishes a new standard of excellence.

LS 4000 Series scanners inherit the leadership legacy of Symbol’s LS 2000 Series, the world’s best-selling hand-held laser scanners. Symbol has leveraged its in-depth capabilities for innovation, design and advanced technology to set the LS 4000 apart from anything else on the market

Feels Different, Looks Different - Is Different

The LS 4000 Series introduces an all-new ergonomic design to scanning products. The handle is ergonomically contoured and shaped to fit hands of all sizes and the unit is light and easy to use. The patented two-finger trigger is extra long, so the user can activate the scanner with the index and middle fingers, reducing index finger fatigue, enhancing comfort, and providing superior sensory feedback.

The LS 4000 Series not only feels different, it looks different. You’ll see at a glance that Symbol designed the LS 4000 to be more rugged while adding features to enhance operability:

More Innovation for More Performance

With the LS 4000 Series, Symbol introduces “Adaptive Logic” technology. This enables the LS 4000 to read damaged or poorly printed bar codes - saving time, increasing accuracy and speeding throughput.

In addition, flash programming capability allows you to update or reconfigure the scanner system or applications in the field - no physical chip change is required. LS 4000 Series scanners also offer built-in Advanced Data Formatting (ADF), a Symbol innovation that gives you the capability to modify the bar code data string before sending it on to the host computer. This enhances compatibility between bar coded data and the applications software, letting you program the scanner rather than modifying the application.

The LS 4000 Series also offers Symbol’s exclusive Synapse “smart” cable for connection to many different hosts without the need for a separate interface controller. You simply change the cable and your scanner is compatible with every major retail and industrial host computer.

Of course, the LS 4000 Series includes scan engines designed around Symbol’s patented Mylar scan element. This technological innovation represents a major improvement over conventional scanner motors. The frictionless Mylar scan element makes LS 4000 Series scanners remarkably long-lasting because it completely eliminates engine wear. It also provides another benefit - lower power usage, because no energy is expended overcoming friction. Symbol has so much confidence in LS 4000 Series scanners that we back them with a lifetime limited warranty on the scan element...another Symbol exclusive.

Versatility: The Mark of a Top Performer

Symbol’s LS 4000 Series scanners move with equal ease from the sales floor to the factory floor. That’s because they have the built-in flexibility to perform well in widely differing environments.

They’re ideal for POS scanning, price markdowns and verification, and in-store inventory management in a wide variety of retail segments: mass merchandise, specialty retail, department stores, warehouse clubs and food and grocery stores.

LS 4000 Series scanners are also at home in commercial segments, such as light warehouse and manufacturing applications. In these environments, they perform a number of functions, including: backroom shipping and receiving, assembly line material tracking, process tracking, document tracking, and inventory management.

These scanners are also productive workers in office automation and healthcare applications. In the latter, they perform patient tracking and clinical control duties, among other functions.

Features and Benefits

Four models to meet specific needs
The LS 4004 includes RS 232/Synapse “smart cable” interface; the LS 4005 includes IBM 46XX/Synapse “smart cable” interface; the LS 4000 is an undecoded version; the LS 4071 cordless model has a working range of 10 feet/3 meters.
Adaptive Logic
Provides superior scanning performance on poor quality bar codes and extended working ranges on all bar codes from contact to 45"/114 cm.
Superior ergonomic design with unique 2-finger trigger
Provides the best possible user comfort, even over extended periods of use. Design permits triggering by index or middle fingers to make scanning easier. Handle shape is comfortable for hands of all sizes.
Flash memory
Retains system and application software; facilitates easy updating in the field.
Mylar scan element with limited lifetime warranty
Ultimate reliability for years of trouble-free operation.
Synapse “smart cable” interface
Provides connectivity to virtually every type of host by simply changing a cable.
Advanced Data Formatting (ADF)
Provides users with the flexibility to modify scanned data before sending it on to the host computer.
Cordless Operation (LS 4071 model only)
Reduces cable maintenance costs; improves scanning productivity, flexibility and convenience.

Four models to meet specific needs


LS 4000 Scanner Series Accessories and Specification Highlights


Put the LS 4000 in Symbol’s IntelliStand and it becomes an easy-to-use presentation scanner. Placing the scanner in the IntelliStand turns it on; there’s no need to trigger the scanner for operation. Remove the scanner from the IntelliStand and it once again becomes a hand-held bar code scanner.

Counter Holder

The Multi-Mount Holder adapts to countertop or wall mount use. Easily installed, the wall mount version requires no space at the retail POS counter.

Wall Holder

Specification Highlights

Performance Characteristics

Light Source
675 nm laser diode
Scan Rate
36 scans/sec (bidirectional)
Roll (Skew)
Print Contrast
25% minimum reflectance
Decode Capability
(Decoded versions, varies by model and host) UPC/EAN, UPC/EAN with supplementals, Code 39 Full ASCII, Code 128, Codabar, Interleaved 2 of 5, Discrete 2 of 5, MSI/Plessey
Interface Type
(Varies by model) IBM 4680/4690, Wand Emulation, RS-232-C, OCR, OCIA, Fujitsu, ICL, NCR, Nixdorf, Omron, TEC, Sharp, Casio, POS and Computer Keyboard Wedges from IBM, DEC, Telex, NCR, WYSE, HP and other manufacturers
Complies with UL, CSA and VDE; conforms to FCC Class A and Class B limits
(Varies by model) 4.5 to 14 V
Operating Current
95 mA (undecoded); additional current for decoded versions varies by model
Laser Class
(Varies by model) CDRH Class II, BSI 4803 Class I, IEC 825 Class 2, IEC 825 Class 1
LS 4000 undecoded (without cable): approximately 5.75 oz./163 gm; LS 4000 decoded (without cable): approximately 5.98 oz./169 gm

User Environment
Ambient Light
Immune to normal artificial indoor and natural outdoor (direct sunlight) lighting conditions
Operating Temperature
32 to 104F (0 to 40C)
Storage Temperature
-40 to 140F (-40 to 60C)
5% to 95% (non-condensing)
Withstands multiple 4-ft./1.2 m drops to concrete


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