MINI-MAG Portable Magstripe Reader


PMR 102 / TA 90

Compatible with Exeba-COMM Windows software / cable included

Magstripe Reading / Writing Software


The Mini-Mag Portable Magstripe Reader (PMR 102 / TA 90) is ideal for applications that require the capture and storage of magnetic stripe data without the presence of a computer or an external power supply. The internal memory (32K) can store a minimum of 200 card swipes when tracks 1 & 2 are read at their maximum capacity (150 alphanumeric characters).

The two programmable LEDs provide the user with visual confirmation of power, communication and card swipe status. The green LED indicates a successful read. The red LED indicates the power is ON, communication is in progress or a bad card read.

The Mini-Mag reader uses a common lithium battery for data storage. The battery lasts for a minimum of 5000 card swipes, including regular uploading of data to the host computer. If the power fails or the battery is disconnected, the data will not be lost from memory.

Password protection prevents unauthorized users from accessing the stored data.

The detachable serial (RS232 or USB adapter) communication cable allows the user to upload to the computer and purge data from the reader's memory.

Compatible with Exeba-COMM Software. This combination of hardware and software provides the user with the complete integration for uploading and purging data, hardware password protection, as well as database record storage.

Trade Shows
Conference Attendance
Classroom Attendance
Meeting Attendance

(stores approximately 200 records)
Programmable LEDs
RS232/USB adapter
Auto Shutdown for power conservation
Lithium Battery
(duration 5000 - 10000 swipes)
Data Length Restriction
Password Protection
Yes - prevents unauthorized users from accessing your data
Software Compatibility
3.5"L x 1.5"W x 1.2"H
(8.75cm L x 3.75cm W x 3cm H)
2.7 ounces
Tested and complies with FCC standards for
home and office use.
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