SP300 Series Dot Matrix Printers

The SP300 Series is designed for a wide range of applications. The SP311/312 and SP341/342 are suitable for PC-Point of Sale and restaurant systems. The SP317 and SP347 are dual printhead high speed models.

The stepping motor paper drive system has several advantages including quiet operation and adjustable line feed increment. This feature along with the cassette ribbon, offers a printer mechanism that is simple in design and virtually maintenance-free.

Standard features include dual cash drawer drivers and single line validation. The cutter model supports full cut and perforate functions.


Print Method
Print Format
Print Speed
Serial Impact Dot Matrix
28 or 40 Columns
3.2 to 5.5 Lines/Second
Sprocket or Friction Roll Paper
Serial or Parallel

List Prices:

SP312FC Parallel I/F $566
SP342FC Parallel I/F $721
SP317FC Parallel I/F $697
SP347FC Parallel I/F $844
SP312FD Serial I/F $666
SP342FD Serial I/F $721
SP317FD Serial I/F $697
SP347FD Serial I/F $844

Please selct the printer you would like specifications on:

SP312 (40 Col/Friction)
SP317 (40 Col/Friction/High Speed)
SP342 (40 Col/Friction/Cutter)
SP347 (40 Col/Friction/Cutter/High Speed)

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