The CLXSA004MF1 Smart Card incorporates a 4,325,376 bit non-volitile memory organized as 2048 pages of 264 by 8 bytes each. This card is for advanced, low power applications such as large record storage and medical applications where size is a driving factor.

The CLXSA004MF1 offers a straight memory array that features ultra-high-endurance EEPROM for data that changes frequently. The entire array is rated at 10,000 ERASE/WRITE (E/W) cycles guaranteed. The CLXSA002MF0 advanced CMOS technology makes this device ideal for low-power non-volatile code and data applications.

The CLXSA004MF1 is available in the ISO 7810 standard, CR80, SIM/SAM and Keychain form

  • Voltage operating range: 4.5V to 5.5V
    - Standby current 15 µa typical

  • Industry standard SPI bus protocol

  • Two 264 byte data buffers

  • 7 ms typical fast page write cycle time, 10 Mhz clock

  • Filtered inputs for noise suppression

  • Power on/off data protection circuitry

  • Endurance: 10,000 E/W cycles guaranteed

  • Electrostatic discharge protection > 1,500V

  • Data retention > 100 years
Figure 1. Block Diagram

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