The CLXSA064KA3 Smart Card incorporates a "smart" 8K x 8 Serial EEPROM. This cards is for advanced, low power applications such as record storage and gives the systems designer with through the use of many new user programmable features. The 8192 x 8-bit array, is rated at 1,000,000 ERASE/WRITE (E/W) cycles guaranteed. CMOS technology makes this card ideal for low-power non-volatile data storage applications.

Program development is supported through the Smart Card Development software.

The CLXSA064KA3 is available in the standard CR-80, ISO 7816 package, or SIM/SAM Module.



  • Voltage operating range: 2.5V to 5.0V
    - Peak write current 3 mA at 5V
    - Maximum read current 1 mA at 5V
    - Standby current 20 µA typical at 5V

  • Industry standard two wire bus protocol
    - I 2 C TM compatible

  • Page write, or byte write modes available

  • 10ms maximum write cycle time, byte or page

  • Includes 100 KHz (2.7V) and 400 KHz (5.0V) Compatibility

  • Self-timed ERASE and WRITE cycles

  • Filtered inputs for noise suppression

  • Power on/off data protection circuitry

  • Endurance: 1,000,000 E/W cycles guaranteed

  • Electrostatic discharge protection > 4,000V

  • Data retention > 100 years

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