all in one

Price $750

- Self contained, wall mount unit
- RS485/ RS232/TCP/IP and Relay all in one interfaces
- Up to 127 readers with no repeaters
- 64K Bytes for user list
- 64K Bytes for event history
- Memory is battery backed
- Magstripe: Track 1&2 or 2&3
- Visual indicators and LCD display
- Swipes can be timestamped
- Multi-Interface cable
- Supports up to 100 schedules
- Barcode: Code 3 of 9 - Extended
The SMART series of card readers provides full RS485 networking capability, allowing up to 127 access points, all individually addressable by a single computer. They perform card verification against a list of qualified cards, and up to 100 schedules to activate a relay output which can be used to control a door strike, turnstile or similar. Transactions can be performed locally, stored in the event history and downloaded to the computer at a later time. The SMART is fully programmable . These readers are ideal forTime and Attendance, Door Access Control, Labor Tacking, etc.
Event Memory 64K Bytes battery backed SRAM
Key Memory 64K Bytes battery backed SRAM
Display 3 LEDs and optional 16x2 character LCD
Card Type ISO 7811 compliant media
Barcode Code 3 of 9 - Extended
Magstripe Single or Dual Track
Card Thickness 0.010 to 0.050 inches
Bit Density 60-265 bits per inch
Swipe Direction bidirectional
Swipe Speed 2-60 inches per second
Operating Temperature -20 to +60 Celsius (excluding LCD models)
Serial Links RS485 and RS232
Housing ABS plastic
Color Black
Size 5.25L by 3.1W by 1.75D
Weight 8.5 oz
Power requirements 10-30 VDC unregulated, 150 mA max (LCD version)
Output relay SPDT, contacts rated 1A, 30 VDC or 0.5A, 125 VAC



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