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Escan Technologies Corp. 

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JCOP21 - 36KB in stock

This 3-Track Portable Magstripe Reader does not require a computer or an external power supply while the cards are being scanned. Designed for our Exeba® Comm software.
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Hologram Hot stamping / Tipping Machine

All-In-One Hologram Hot stamping / Tipping Machine - Ideal for silicone hot stamping emblems -
Hologram Monthly Specials
RF Portable Terminal System
Very affordable radio frequency handheld terminal for
communication with the Host Computer via a Base Unit
which attaches to the RS-232 port.

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OMNIKEY Reader/Writer
OMNIKEY Reader/Writer
Mifare / RFID

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State-of-the-art Symbol laser scanners and portable data terminals. Learn more.

Fargo Color ID Card Printers

UltraViolet Ribbon
high-definition printers

Fargo HDP5000 / ZEBRA ID Card printers produce superior printing on any magnetic stripe or smart chip cards, giving you professional, vibrant quality cards with absolutely no borders. Even on oversized cards!
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MAXIMA / DC150I Card Personalization System. Financial cards
Embosser Monthly Specials

is a powerful all purpose Card Encoding (Reading/Writing) Software, Supports different types of hardware.
  • Supports different hardware types
  • Duplicate / Build magstripe cards
  • Saves data in a database or in a text file
  • Provides database security: setup a new password or change an existing one
  • Import / export data to or from a text file ....and much more
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Compatible with smart, and memory cards.

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Access Control /
Time & Attendance
Bbarcode or magstripe readers / RS232 / Ethernet / RS485 for both Access Control and Time and Attendance. Compatible with our EXEBA® E-SWIPE, EXEBA®-ACON™, COMM, and EXEBA®-TAMS™ business application software.
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Escan Technologies Corp. sets a new hardware and software industry standard by providing
Time and Attendance, Labor Tracking, Access Control, and Magstripe / Smart Card Encoding software

Service / Repairs