Laser Engraver Printer Machine for PVC Cards - 3000mW - USB

$695.00 $450.00


Laser Engraver Printer Machine for PVC Cards – 3000mW – USB

$695.00 $450.00

Laser Engraver Printer Machine for PVC Cards (3000 mW) – USB
Laser engrave professional looking PVC cards with logos, micro-text, or custom graphics

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Laser Engraver Machine 3000mH

Laser Engraver Printer Machine for PVC Cards – 3000 mW

Package includes:
1 x Laser engraver
1 x Power cord (US Plug)
1 x USB disk
1 x USB cable
2 x Wooden board
1 x Laser focusing paper
1 x Screwdriver
5 x Screws
5 x Screw caps

1. This product is a laser engraving machine for home use, a tool machine.  It cannot be compared with an industrial laser engraving machine.

2. Do not use the laser head to point at a human or livestock, do not use laser to point at person’s eyes.

3. The laser is powerful; skin exposure to laser is strictly prohibited.

4. The engraving machine should not be stopped while working, it will cause damage.

5. This product is not suitable for children under the age of 14.

6. Software only support Windows.

7. Handle with care.  Do not drop or collide any object into the product.

8. The shell includes laser cutting technology, please pick up and gently put down to prevent scratches.

9. DOES NOT engrave metal, glass, crystal and transparent or translucent surfaces.

10. The color of the item may vary slightly due to photography and different PC monitor, and the size might be slightly errored due to manual measurement.

11. You might need to temporarily shut down the antivirus software before downloading the software.
Otherwise some files in the software could be mistaken for virus and deleted by antivirus software.

12. Please operate this machine according to the user manual. After 20 minutes of working, let it rest; it cannot work continuously for a long time.

Additional information

Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 8.1 × 7.7 × 11.6 in


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