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Exeba SmartMag Encoding Software


Exeba SmartMag Smart Chip & Magstripe Reading/Writing Software with Hardware Key
SmartMag 17.0 User Manual
SmartMag 18.0 User Manual




SmartMag Smart Chip & Magstripe Reading/Writing Software with Hardware Key

  • Database for saving, retrieving and sharing data with portable readers
  • All the advanced magstripe encoder options are available
  • No Registration Unlocking Required
  • * No License Restrictions (unlimited installations)
  • More Data Security – no one can access your data without the key
  • Password Reset Service for Portable Readers
  • Compatible with Smart Memory Chip Cards (SLE4442, SLE5542, AT24C only) – Smag 17.0
  • Compatible with Smart Memory Chip Cards (SLE4442, SLE5542, AT24C)
    and Java Base Chip Cards (J2A040, J2A080, JCOP21-36 – Smag 18.0
  • Media:  USB Memory Stick* NOTE: Unlimited installations, however a hardware key is required for each PC.Exeba® SmartMag supports different types of smart card & magnetic stripe reader/writers and magnetic stripe portable
    readers as well as different types of smart cards / memory cards / pin protected cards / Java cards

    • Developed for WIN 10 / WIN 8 / WIN 7 / VISTA
    • Reads/Writes toSmart Chip Memory Cards
    • SMAG 17.0: Reads/Writes to Smart Chip Memory Pin Protected Cards (SLE4442, SLE5542, AT24C)
    • SMAG 18.0:  Reads/Writes Java Smart Chip Cards
      (JCOP21-36, J2A040, J2A080 
      & SLE4442, SLE5542, AT24C) 
    • Read & Write Gift / Loyalty Smart Memory Cards
    • Customer Loyalty Points can be tracked, added or redeemed
    • Save, update, and delete records in the database
    • Write data from the database into the card
    • Read data from the card directly into the application
    • Move to a previous, next, or any record number
    • Search for a record by entering a criterion
    • View card type
    • Set a PIN# on the card
    • Import data from a text file to the application database
    • Export data to a text file from the application database
    • Specify the order and fields to be included in the export/import file
    • Query report data and print
    • Compact and repair the application database 
    • Provides a single menu to install software, install drivers, view documentation and link
      to our web site
    • Provides detailed on-line help and documentation
    • Easily switch between the different hardware and application types without exiting the software
    • Obtain reader and card features
    • Saves data in a database/text file
    • Provides database security by setting a password
    • Select between 13 different card applications (predefined and custom)
    • The Read/Write window provides the flexibility to read and write any data to the smart card
    • Allows the user to set a default application for quick access
    • Allows the user to select between a few software startup options
    • Auto connects to smart card readers


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Smag17.0, Smag18.0


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