Exeba-COMM Magstripe Encoding Software



Exeba-COMM Magstripe Encoding Software


Exeba-COMM Magstripe Reading/Writing Software with USB hardware key
Exeba-Comm User Manual




Magnetic Stripe Reading/Writing Software with Hardware Key

  • Database for saving, retrieving and sharing data with portable readers (PRO Version)
  • All the advanced magstripe encoder options are available (PRO Version)
  • No Registration Unlocking Required
  • * No License Restrictions (unlimited installations)
  • More Data Security – no one can access your data without the key
  • Password Reset Service for Portable Readers (PRO Version)
  • Full Technical Support
  • Media:  USB Memory Stick
    * NOTE: Unlimited installations, however a hardware key is required for each PC.
Software General Features
Developed for WIN 10 / 8 / 7 / VISTA
Powerful Database
Duplicating magnetic stripes
Multiple card data capture
Secure-erase of magnetic stripe data
Search by First/Last/Name, Account # or Swipe search
Has a built-in text editor
Polls data in both batch and on-line modes
Saves data in a database or in a text file
Gives the user the flexibility to create multiple databases
Wipe Card function can be used to quickly erase magnetic stripe card data
Provides database security: setup a new password or change an existing one
Import / export data to or from a text file
Data reports are accessible by date range
Select different communication ports and port settings, adjust
delays and
time-out according to your hardware requirements
Encrypted system files prevent unauthorized viewing or tampering of program configuration
Send different serial commands to the hardware
ANSI / ISO card types and formats supported by default
Built-in support for portable hardware password protection
Compatible with multiple hardware types
Directly communicate with any USB / RS-232 (serial) connected device
The ability to read and write a Non-ISO standard card data.
Capable of generating multiple valid account # – using financial standard format!
Buliding / Extracting tracks
Now you can view, create, update, and print the card data at any time
without requiring an encoder to be connected and initialized.
The following fields were added to the card data: creation date,
issue date, member since, expiration status, and extra info.
Based on a certain criteria you will be able to check the validity
of an account # and to determine what the next account # should be.
New options were added to the Incremental Encoding function.
In addition to the existing card data search, the user can now search by
Issue Date and Record Date. You can also use wild
cards when searching by a name or account #.
The Wipe Card Data function was changed to allow you to erase multiple cards.
The Abort command was added to several encoder types.
When the application first starts, the encoder coercivity setting is displayed in
the status bar on the main window. NOTE: When the encoder is turned ON or
OFF, the coercivity setting automatically defaults to high.
The Card Type Setup function is added to allow the user to define a card
template.  This will prevent errors made during encoding. It will
also ensure that all the required fields are included.
The ability to select the Data Density when writing to a card in Non-ISO standard.
The ability to read and save multiple cards.
Clear PasswordRetrieve PasswordConvert Database, and Merge Database files.
Able to print TO and FROM the database
The New Save to Database function allows you to select the records
before saving and eliminates duplicate records.
Enhanced polling functions and error checking.
Able to poll data from a single track.
Get Serial # feature (TA and PMR readers only)
Set Auto Power Off
No more loss of data, when there is a corrupted record in the reader memory.
Several programming commands were implemented for
various reader types: i.e., turning Beeper On/Off.
The Poll Reader function captures the data from the reader and
displays it as is or in a tabular format. It also saves the data in a text file or database.
The user can select which track data should be transferred from the reader
and it also allows for the enabling or disabling of the start and end sentinel.
Print a simple listing or detailed report.
Select all data, by Account #Prefix, or Date Created range… etc.
Include or exclude Expired accounts.
Sort by Account #Record Date or Prefix.

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